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Mark Turner & Jane Walde: Your future as a strategic advisor – The human skills that computers...

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

'Your future as a strategic advisor – The human skills that computers cannot easily replace'

Mark Turner

Jane Walde


C-suite wants to lead their organisation to optimise outcomes and needs Risk Management professionals to support and enhance their decision making.

Risk Managers are overloaded with data which can be analysed to the nth degree. But is it necessary and is it used?

How are the C-suite and Risk Managers communicating with each other?

Is there a better way to tune in to the C-suit mindset?

Our presentation looks at the human element of risk management whilst other areas are being automated and digitised. These are the bits which computers will not be able to easily replace.

We will explore the different mindsets of the C-suite and Risk Management and ask: “What are the essential interpersonal skills that Risk Management professionals need?


Speaker biographies


Mark Turner is a technologist, trainer, writer, life coach and certified risk manager.

Starting his career in the Royal Navy in 1989, Mark has held a variety of technical and leadership roles within the defence and aerospace sector including submarine weapons engineer, Project Manager, Head of Internal Audit, and Vice President of Risk Management. During his career Mark has led various teams, developed ERM frameworks and designed a number of risk management software tools.

Mark is now the Managing Director of Emsity Ltd, a risk management software and training consultancy supporting several clients with software design and development projects.

Widely considered a thought leader in the interface between technology and risk management, Mark is regularly involved with the Institute of Risk Management Innovation special interest group, and is a member of the IRM Professional Standards Committee. He has led the development of several IRM publications, including the Practitioner’s Guide to Horizon Scanning, and most recently the IRM Digital Ethics Guidelines.


Jane promotes effective risk governance and champions the value of risk management as a practical way to optimise success. Her knowledge and appreciation of optimisation has led her to become a Holistic Life Coach to help others to understand their talents and achieve their goals.

In her role as Head of Group Risk for Informa plc, she designed and implemented the Group Risk Policy and Framework, improved risk culture and maturity, understanding of risk appetite and tolerance, embedded risk governance and internal risk action and delivered robust external reporting.

A qualified accountant (FCCA), she has held senior finance roles at Shell and Anglo American. Her experience encompasses setting up financial structures for start-ups, through to using derivatives to offset risk. Over fourteen years’ ago, Jane moved into enterprise risk management and enjoys the forward looking, uncertain nature of risk, which balances well with her solid business acumen and grounding in finance.

Jane is an active member in the Institute of Risk Management Innovation special interest group. Jane says “This is where we bounce new ideas, share our experience, and have open debates about developments in the risk industry – come and join us!”

For life coaching and personal development, Jane can be contacted via her website, Holistic Life:

For risk management services:


If you have any queries please contact

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This article is a summary and commentary of the speakers and topics covered at this event, organised by the Institute of Risk Management’s Innovation Special Interest Group, in partnership with: Satar

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