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Information for speakers

Thank you in advance for your input to this forum – we hope you are as excited as us at what promises to be a fantastic day.


This page should have everything you need to know about joining, watching and presenting, but if you have any questions please email


We are holding two sessions to enable participation from around the globe. If you have a preference as to which session you would like to present in, please fill out the availability form, which can be downloaded here


We are asking all speakers to download this abstract template, fill it out, and return it  


Once you have submitted your abstract we will be uploading it onto this website on the abstracts page.  Once you have finished your talk and we have edited your video, provided you don’t ask us not to, we will embed your video into your abstract – providing a single repository of all of the great information we have collected during the online forum.  



The main platform we will be using is Zoom.  Just in case you are not confident with it, these two videos should help with some zoom basics: 


When you enter the session via the link sent via Eventbrite, you will be admitted as an attendee.  This is intentional to avoid separate links being circulated.  You will not be able to speak or turn your video on.  You will however be able to chat.  For your session in which you are presenting we will upgrade you to a panelist / presenter.   Prior to this session, we invite you to login 30 mins early so that we can test audio etc.  If you are not able to join us at this point, please let us know and instead we will come and find you in the attendees list 20 mins prior to the start of your actual talk and upgrade you to a panelist at that point. 


Rose and the team will be working with you behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.   If you have problems with your internet / presentation / you are ill / you need to miss your session – please let us know as early as possible and we will work with you.

The best way to contact us is via the email address:

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