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Gabe Barrett: Risk Talk is Cheap … and Effective

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Gabe Barrett


When risks become tolerated and values drift, bad things happen. But if you foster open, risk-free risk communication from the bottom up, you can prevent toxic risk cultures forming.

Common attributes of man-made disasters are 1) an extended period of ‘risk incubation’, during which risks – often manifest in anomalies and near-misses – are tolerated and even ‘normalised’, and 2) a phenomenon called ‘value drift ’ – a gradual abandonment of the organisation’s value system.

This presentation examines how stop risk incubation and infuse organisational values using technology to create the psychological safety needed to foster genuine bottom-up risk communication.


Speaker biography

Gabe Barrett is a life-long student of risk management, a former Chief Risk Officer and a former Chief Information Officer and now an Organisational Psychology researcher.

A Partner with RiskTalk, Gabe’s work focuses on creating psychological safety to build high trust, high performance teams in the context of hybrid working. Irish by birth, American by education and a Londoner by choice, Gabe has built distributed Risk and Technology teams across the world in a broad variety of workplaces. A passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, Gabe believes the future of work is up for design so we should make it a good one.


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