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Dev Amratia: Man vs Machine - Algorithm-led assurance of project schedules.

Updated: Oct 2, 2021


In this talk, we'll explore how algorithms powered by machine learning are capable of learning from previous projects, to accurately forecast the outcome of current projects. We will unpack how these systems work and explore how they can be used to create value on projects.


Speaker biography

Dev is the Co-Founder and CEO of nPlan, a machine learning company that learns how completed construction projects performed to forecast the outcomes of future projects. nPlan delivers a new paradigm in the management of risk and uncertainty.

Dev’s experience is in delivering construction projects for the energy industry, spanning 3 continents over 9 years. Following this, Dev worked within the UK government to launch and deliver the national review on AI, which was published as part of the Industrial Strategy in 2017.

Dev has a strong passion to change the way projects are delivered through empowered decisions, enabled by data. nPlan has scaled to operate in 8 countries and has processed schedules representing over $1T of construction spend, the largest dataset of its kind in the world. nPlan is also pioneering an innovative approach that quantifies the risk of construction delays, coupled with an insurance product to mitigate these risks.


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